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Grips will be shown as completed. Updated
Check back soon to see more grips for sale.
I will post them as they are built.
Check back often for updates.
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Please Contact for International Shipping
1911 Custom Grips
A division of Designs By Carl
We are dedicated to building the finest of custom grips, contact us today to discuss your requirements.
Hole jig is made of Aluminum bar stock 3/8 by 3/4, and has a hardened drill bushing insert to be used for the drilling of holes. Instructions are fully described in the .pdf tutorial.
Custom work

I would like to dedicate this section of the site to tell you about something new I have to offer.

It is a jig for drilling the holes perfect each and every time.

I am offering a kit to the folks that want to make their own grips. The deluxe kit will include the following. Drill jig, one set of pre cut wood for the grips, one 15/64 drill bit, one step bit, and a full pdf. file on how to build 1911 grips. This file is a tutorial with pictures and instructions on each step of the building process. Showing the tools that I use to build the grips. Other tools can be substituted and will do the work just fine. This is just my set up.

The deluxe kit will sell for..........128.85

You can build all the grips you want with this kit. All you would ever need in the future is more wood.

The Regular Kit will include the following.

Hole jig, step bit, wood and the tutorial (.pdf)

The Regular kit will sell for ..........$118.90

The economy kit will consist of the hole jig and wood along with the tutorial.

The economy kit will sell for..........$89.95

Find pictures of the hole jig below

Once the kit is ordered and paid for, a .pdf file explaining the how to buill 1911 grips will be emailed to you and you will have it to read while waiting on the kit.
The first one is for the Deluxe building kit.
Includes, 1 drill jig, 1 step bit, 1 15/64 drill bit
Plus one set of wood blanks cut to a workable thickness,
and the tutorial for building 1911 pistol grips
Deluxe Kit $128.85 shipping included.
The Regular Kit includes the wood, the Step Bit, the Drill jig and the .pdf file.
Regular Kit $118.90 shipping included.
The economy kit will consist of the wood for the grips, the hole jig and tutorial.
Economy Kit $89.95 shipping included.
Hole jig alone $59.95. This will include a very short .pdf file to show how to use the jig alone.
Feel free to contact me for prices on individual parts of these kits. Wood is always available, and can be ordered at any time.
I can be reached at 228 255 0822.
If you would like your grips personalized after you have them built, I will be glad to help with that also.
Looking forward to doing business with you, and helping in any way I can to get you on the right track of building 1911 grips.
Carl Wallace.
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